As living in Malaysia there are a lot of things I need talk about it, and this is one topic that I need to share it with you, maybe you will agree with me, maybe not, but as my working career in Malaysia I faced lots of people, I faced lots of behaviors, here what you need to know about it.

Today I was in my work at my office my colleague came to me upset of my boss react on him about his emergency leave, he explaining that he need his emergency leave but our boss kind of not going let him go, so he felt so depressed and decide to leave the company at the end of this year, I was shocked, he is good in his working and also the company relay on him a lot, if he leave the company will faced a lot of terrible, but my boss cannot see it, from this situation I realized I need to write about it.

Malaysian people are delightful creature, you need to give them a space that allow them to be creative, they cannot live in pressure, maybe in the beginning they will be patient but in the end they will leave without any regret and notice, they don’t care what you going to do after them, they just will leave, because the enough is enough.

In my colleague situation is similar, there a lot of pressure, and there are no appreciation, so if you want to work Malaysian you need to provide an environment that make them love it, even if the salary is not that high, this based on my experience with them, (you can correct me if I am wrong share it with me on the comment, and will be happy hear it).

This all, as you I cannot make the article longer, otherwise will be boring, I will be writing more about this behaviors soon I get more behaviors that need to be aware of it and how you going to face it, I will leave you now, hope this article will help you understand some of the Malaysian working behaviors, thank you wait for me for another article soon…..