As I am writing about Malaysia, I have a thought that I should write also some information about Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), as it is the first gate to Malaysia, and regard to my experience at KLIA, I can see what is the best things in it and the worst thing. The best thing at KLIA is the staff of KLIA, they always around you carrying a sign written on it Ask me, they very helpful, and in my view, this service is the best thing at KLIA.

The worst thing at KLIA is immigration’s counters, the queue is very long like you have to wait forever, it will take about one hour or more if I am not exaggerated and they are not taking any action on it, I am very sad to inform you that, but I am not giving up on them until they will be better.

Today you know what is best at KLIA and know the worst, but the worst you have to pass it, otherwise, you will not enter Malaysia, but we hope for the best, thank you.