Have you visit it? If not, you have to come visit it one day, for me I am living in it almost two decades, and I fall in love with her since I saw it first time, as they saying falling in love from the first sight, Kuala Lumpur is an amazed city, it is not big and not small, many projects going on nowadays, but I believed that my city will be more beautiful in the future.

Kuala Lumpur the city of lights, most people who visited it said that, I am more agreed, as you know Malaysia located in tropical weather, that mean it has many forest and Kuala Lumpur most of it still green and the government of Malaysia managing it this way, but nowadays the city has many projects going on to make it more convenient to people and the tourist, many of skyscraper going to show up five years towards, so I am feeling so excited about the future of Kuala Lumpur, it will be amazing.

My words on this, Kuala Lumpur has the potential to be one of the best city in the world, I am going to discover it with you and I will share it here in my website www.joymalaysia.com.

Last word is Kuala Lumpur amazed me every day, and it will be like that until it will be complete it, my feeling to her never going to change, I hope you will be feeling the same, so wait for me for my next soon…..

here one video I liked to share with you:


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