Apam Nasi is a Malaysian Dessert, it’s colorful, it’s tasty and very light. We couldn’t find any reiew online, what we found is recipes and all in Malay language. We found one web site called what to cook today don com. It also talking about the recipe but it is in English language. 

Apam Nasi is steam rice cake. The Malaysian call it Apam Nasi or Apam Kukus. It usually made by fermenting cooked rice with yeast, and the fermentation is for one hour to two hours.  

Apam Nasi taste lightly sweetened with mild fermentation aroma. The texture is soft and bouncy when they are warm. They will turn hard once you refrigerated, but will be soft again once you reheat them.  

It is easy to made and tasty, you have to try it when you come to Malaysia. You can find them at street vendors or Malay restaurants.  

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