Banana leaf rice is a traditional method of serving rice dishes in South Indian cuisine. Due to the migration of South Indians, banana leaf rice can also be found in areas with significant ethnic South Indian diasporas such as Malaysia and Singapore. 

Banana leaf rice is simply white rice served on a banana leaf with an assortment of vegetables, curried meat or fish, pickles, and the super addictive papadum (look like giant, round, flat crisps). Most of the time, however, only the gravy of the curry will be served and no meat is served as it is meant to be a traditional Indian vegetarian dish. 

 Banana leaf rice can get really sloppy since it is traditionally eaten with the hand, there are spoons and forks but how to enjoy it without your hands. If you not vegetarian you can ask for fried chicken or mutton redang and dry chicken curry to have joyful moment.  

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