The Month of Ramadhan for Muslims is a very favorite month. In this Muslims fast the whole day by holding food and drinks until evening. This regards the sharing of hanger between the rich and poor community.  

In the month also the variety of food will be booming, so in Ramadhan most delicious food will appear only in this month. So, Bazaar Ramadhan will be the basket of these delicious foods.   

Bazaar Ramadhan is an annual gathering of food stalls which offers a variety of local scrumptious and mouth-watering delicacies for ‘iftar’ (breakfast).  

in the Bazaar you will find a variety of affordable and delicious food. It is the best place to find a collection of food.  

Here is the top Bazaar Ramadhan in Kuala Lumpur city:   

  1. Ramadan Bazaar Jalan TAR  
  2. Ramadan Bazaar TTDI   
  3. Ramadan Bazaar Bukit Bintang  
  4. Ramadan Bazaar Bangsar  
  5. Ramadan Bazaar Kampung Baru  
  6. Ramadan Bazaar Pandan Indah  
  7. Ramadan Bazaar Taman Bukit Cheras  
  8. Ramadan Bazaar Taman Desa  
  9. Ramadan Bazaar Dato’ Keramat  
  10. Ramadan Bazaar Putrajaya  

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