Ben’s is a large chain in Kuala Lumpur city to enjoy a fine food, you can check it here to know about it. And today we are going to bring you some of the top reviews of the restaurant. These reviews are from two large sites in the industry, google and TripAdvisor.   

On TripAdvisor there are 475 reviews and it ranks 3.5.  


LACKING IN PASSION, 7 March 2021  

Anak muda, tak kira kerja dimana, KLCC ka, kampung Baru ke, bila masak tu buat lah dengan berahi dan bersemangat.  
A chef’s work is not that difficult but you need a tremendous amount of passion.  
It was clear from the Chicken Chop I ordered, the passion was missing  


That cheesecake… Wow! / 30 April 2021  

We popped into Ben’s in KLCC for morning tea.  
Walking into the restaurant we were blown away by how beautifully designed it is. It makes use of the view of the fountain.  
On arrival we were informed that it was only open for coffee and pastry. We were happy with this and ordered the Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake. It is actually the best cheesecake I have eaten. It was amazing.  
Unfortunately, service was pretty lackluster and not very attentive. It really let down what would have been a 5-star experience.  
The menu is also viewed via QR code on your phone due to covid and it is quite frustrating to access. It takes a long time to load and some pages don’t load.  
All in all, the food was great but definitely let down by other areas.  

Yassine A  

Disgusting service / two weeks   

Having more than half the restaurant empty, dragging your feet as a waiter and seeing a line of customers form is no way to run a business.  
Service is terrible and no excuses if there’s empty tables to let people queue outside.  
Never coming to this horrible place cause there’s no service  

On the other hand, Google reviews has 572 reviews and ranks 3.3.  

Jowen Goh / 2 weeks ago  

Came here in the last week of December and there was already a crowd. Had to wait around 15mins for a table and by the time I went in, there was a queue for lunch. The portion in Ben’s is always big and hearty. The food is simple but tasty and the environment is very comfortable. The place is bright and clean. Staff were busy with the high traffic of customers but did their best to accommodate. Always a favorite lunch spot for us in KLCC and thoroughly enjoyed.  

Jentayu/ a month ago  

Welcomed with a pleasurable atmosphere… inviting menus and scrumptious foods… some of the menus looked simple enough but the taste was superb… and the portion was big enough for some… pasta was small portioned but definitely big on taste… salads and burgers were big on portion and scrumptious… and the staff was very polite and attentive… thank you for the service  

STEPHEN NG / two weeks   

Mushroom soup was excellent. Fish and chips sucks and sour dough is lousy. Hainanese Chicken Chop is tasty despite that the chop isn’t crispy but comes with a lot of potato wedges.  
Service was not great but good  

This is all about Ben’s restaurant KLCC outlet, if you want to know more check out our Ben’s article to have more info. Click here   

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