Today we have another Malaysian dish, it is a delightful breakfast. The dish is Chee Cheong Fun or jyu cheung fan.  

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Chee Cheong Fun is a Chinese rice noodle rolls steamed; thin Savoury crepe/pancake made from a wet rice flour batter. It has become somewhat of a staple in an everyday Malaysian diet. 

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The name, jyu cheung fan, “jyu” means “pig” in Cantonese, “cheung” means “intestine”, and “fan” means “noodles”. Combining means the pig intestine noodle roll because the appearance of the noodle roll looks like pig’s intestine. 

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Chee Cheong Fun filled with shrimp, beef, vegetables, char siu (roasted BBQ pork), or other ingredients. Seasoned soy sauce—sometimes with siu mei drippings—is poured over the dish upon serving. 

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The dish is Halal if it plain or filled with other than Pork.  

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