If you living in Malaysia you will not going to know that Malaysia is a winner during fighting the horrify Covid-19 even me I wasn’t know that until I watched this guy called Dustin Pfundheller in his YouTube’s channel about the incredible thing Malaysia did to fight this pandemic. (This is the video link https://youtu.be/BxMTnKZyLr0)

The country start the action since March 18th when the Malaysian government announced the lockdown or MCO, the numbers of an infected people was 790 people, but the numbers in daily basis start to drop down, the highest number Malaysia reached is 235 people, and it was on 26th March, but now Malaysia new cases is less than 50 people infected daily.

I can say Malaysia is winner, Malaysian should be proud of their government, they put the political life aside and start focusing on their people to fight this pandemic, and thay succeeded, congratulations Malaysia.

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