The flock restaurant at W Hotel Kuala Lumpur has great reviews in TripAdvisor site, which rated full points.  As we introduced it before as a place for Sunday brunch, today we will tell you what people are saying about it.   

We always depend on the best sites for the reviews, such as TripAdvisor and google reviews. They are the best and very trusty.   

Let’s begin with TripAdvisor, it ranked 5 as we mentioned full points. There are 210 reviews and the latest review was 24th April 2022. The latest three reviews as the following:   

VacationMoney / 24 April 2022  

Lots of food options, helpful staff!  

I’m writing this after eating at this location for the 3rd time. When you first enter the place (after verifying your name and room number), you’ll notice that there are lots of breakfast food options to choose from. They’ll have some well known Indian and Malaysian food, eggs that can be prepared in many ways (including 5 unique egg menu dishes), meats and cheeses, and so on. Because Muslum is predominant in this country, no pork products are not found. Cappuccino can be easily ordered, as well as coconut juice straight from the coconut itself, they’ll provide you with the straw as well!  

The staff does a good job in handling our requests. Whenever a staff member walks by, you’ll get someone who can attend to your needs. I ordered a Cappuccino, hot chocolate and a Latte at different times of the buffet, and Arianna was able to attend to my needs. She was friendly during my short interaction with her, pondering why I’m staying at KL, which was for business. Great positive attitude from the staff, including Arianna.  
I didn’t interact much with the kitchen staff, but I will say that the couple times I did, they were helpful and preparing my food when I talked with them in person.  
The only issue I have are the crackers. I can’t tell if it’s been out in the open air for so long (if no customer grabbed it for consecutive days), but I ate them eith the meat and cheese and they were soft. If nothing else, just order eggs, you’ll know that they’re more fresh than the food lying out on the huge dining table.  

Hueylian12 / 18 April 2022  

Super amazing staff  

I want to say thank you so much for Saiful from the Flock restaurant who welcomed me on the first day. He made me feel like home and always taking care me as a traveller when I first touched down in Malaysia. He is always making sure we as guest are comfortable and feeling homey. He is very polite and friendly and super helpful. Thank you Saiful! Will definitely stay at W KL again when I visit the next.  

DetHouTravel / 17 April 2022   

Favorite KL Brunch!  

This is the best Sunday Brunch in KL. The food was great was an awesome selection for picky kids. The free flow drink are fantastic as well. Our sever Syed did an amazing job of making our experience memorable!  

Next, Google review, and it ranked 4.1 out of 5. It has 74 reviews and the latest review was in early April 2022. The latest three reviews as the following:   

K T / April 2022  

Went for Sunday Retox buffet, while stations attentive with chef plating my request little of everything, wait staffs courteous, onlylet down is the Ibiza club house with the live saxophonist driving our fam heads in, understand W trying to be hip from background jazz or string quartet varieties, I would suggest background music reference Cafe Del Mar chill beats, the dj set arrangement much suited for cocktail happy hour by the pool soak in evening. Just saying.  

Zarif Naim / February 2022  

Came here for the brunch buffet on the behest of the Chef deCuisine himself Chef Su (@chefsuhalmi).  
Located on the 8th floor, we were welcomed by this boarding pass looking ticket and a glass of mocktail.  
The foods were amazing. There were angus tomahawk, oysters, bottemless mock tails and lots more.  
The waiter/waitress were very attentive to any request and clears the table very quickly.  
For me, it is worth the money as u can binge high quality foods for 3 hours. Hats off to Chef Su. I highly recommend this restaurant for a weekend treat with family and friends.  

John Foo / January 2022  

Yummy and wonderful experience. The young lady server (didn’t get her name) was superb attentive and very friendly. Giving us food recommendations and she was right, the best was Sia rice from the menu. I may come back again for the same dish. Ambiance is not bad.  

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Note, All images in this article credit @ marriottbonvoyasia/w-kuala-lumpur-flock  

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