As I live in Kuala Lumpur having a dinner in the city not usually in my agenda, but today I planed with my family to have a dinner in the city, to be honest with you. having dinner in the city of Kuala Lumpur is not the best choice, as you know most the restaurants around Kuala Lumpur are high end restaurants, and the average of spending will be from RM 200 – RM 450 for a couple.

But if dining in fast food restaurant and branded restaurant like for example, Nandos the Latin chicken grill, chilis, Fridays, KFC And McDonald’s the average spending will be from RM 50 – RM 250 for a couple. If you choosing the budgets restaurants like the locals restaurants and the stalls plus to the food trucks and the spending average from RM 10 – RM 50 for a couple.

And tonight I choose to go to a local restaurant facing the KLCC twin towers, and very popular to most Malaysian. The restaurant type is Mamak restaurant and called NZ Nasi Kandar, the view is magnificent as it faced KLCC the twn towers. As you having your dinner you will enjoyed the view, it cost me only RM 30+.

This all for today, thank you.

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