In a report in NST online portal stated “Hotels decide to temporarily shut down to cushion losses”.  

Struggling to keep their doors open due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some hotels in Pahang have been left with no choice but to temporarily suspend operations. 

Zero occupancy has forced these premises that were once sought after to make unprecedented decisions following the absence of a fixed timeline for tourism activities to resume. 

When contacted, Malaysian Association of Hotels Pahang chapter chairman Patrick Tee said most hoteliers had been forced to temporarily close their doors and wait for interstate or inter-district travel to resume. 

“The industry has been struggling and left with little choice. Several hotels are taking steps to reduce long-term damages, so they can sustain when the hospitality industry reopens. 

“Even the food takeaway and delivery services have not been promising. Unlike the previous movement control order, the demand for hotel food (takeaway and delivery) is quite slow. People are not placing their orders.” 

The MAH Pahang chapter has 66 registered hotels in 11 districts in the state. 

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