There is some information about the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) that will helps you a lots during your trip to Malaysia, as we know KLIA is the first spot for visitors, so the information below will help you a lot.

  • Customs in Malaysia
    • Visitors can bring in one carton of cigarettes, one liter of liquor and personal possessions such as cameras, cosmetics, laptop computers and watches.
    • Narcotics, pornography (even Playboys!) and firearms (obviously) are strictly prohibited.
    • Malaysia is well known for having strictly enforced drug laws that are especially draconic – trafficking in even small amounts of marijuana can lead to the death penalty.
  • Baggage Reclaim
    • Baggage reclaim located after immigration’s counters.
    • Baggage reclaim can take very long too; if immigration is time-consuming your bags will probably be set beside the respective carousel.
  • Duty Free Upon Arrival
    • Duty-free stores are located just after Immigration but they’re quite problematic due to the fact that they’re are located quite a distance away from the main terminal.
    • Lugging bottles of liquor and other assorted goodies from one end to another isn’t much fun!
  • Money
    • ATM
      • There are numerous ATMs located throughout the airport
      • It always located beside the restrooms
      • Third floor has an ATM machine beside the Cadbury’s Favourites store.
      • The fifth floor has an ATM machine between the VIP Lounge and the Tie Rack, another one the same row as Body Shop and Café Marche as well as an ATM beside the Traveller’s Bar.
    • Banks
      • KLIA’s banks are all located on the third and fifth floor.
      • CIMB is located beside the candy store on the fifth floor
      • RHB is located on the third floor and fifth floor beside the Digi kiosk and opposite CIMB respectively.
      • Maybank – Malaysia’s biggest bank with branches everywhere – is located on the fifth floor behind Café Marche.
    • Money Exchange
      • There are money changers located on the fifth floor of KLIA behind the airport check-in counters – along with the rest of KLIA’s stores.
      • There’s one the same row as the Tie Rack and another one beside Café Marche.
    • Credit Cards
      • MasterCard and Visa are the most widely accepted brands of credit cards in Malaysia.
      • You can head over to a bank to get an over-the-counter cash advance with your card or simply stop by at the nearest ATM to make a withdrawal.
      • You can also make withdrawals from overseas savings accounts as many of Malaysia’s banks are linked to international banking networks such as the widely-recognized Cirrus, Maestro and Plus.
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