Covid-19 continuing effecting everybody for two years, and still no body can go out from his house or from his country. The major industry that affected badly is tourism. As a report from united nation world tourism organization (UNTWO) on 21 July that international travel largely on hold despite uptick in May.  

The report states the pandemic’s effect on tourism continues into its second year, with international tourist arrivals between January and May falling 85 per cent below 2019 levels, representing a 65 per cent drop on 2020. 

By regions, Asia and the Pacific continued to suffer the largest decline with a 95 per cent drop in international arrivals in the first five months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. Europe (-85 per cent) recorded the second largest decline in arrivals, followed by the Middle East (-83 per cent) and Africa (-81 per cent). The Americas (-72 per cent) saw a comparatively smaller decrease. 

In June, the number of destinations with complete closure of borders decreased to 63, from 69 in February. Of these, 33 were in Asia and the Pacific, while just seven in Europe, the region with the fewest restrictions on travel currently in place. 

UNWTO expressed a mixed outlook for a rebound in international travel activity for the remainder of 2021. While international tourism is slowly picking up, recovery remains very fragile and uneven. 

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