Today is 26 of December from the year of 2018, its just few days to welcoming the new years of 2019. I am still a worker at the office, and not fulfilling my dream of making my website to be profitable yet.

Everyday I dreamed the day am successful, but the daily work and obedient struggled me to reach it. But I never stop working on it, and I believe I will reach it someday.

Let me tell you about JoyMalaysia and why I choose Malaysia. Its all about the joyful moment that you having in Malaysia, as you know Malaysia is a great country, and it deserve to be known.

Through it I will connect the people to Malaysia. And to do that I have to provide all the information about Malaysia. By doing so, it will connect all people to Malaysia, and Malaysia well known.

I hope I will do it next new year 2019 but I need to publish this first, maybe it will be my courage to reach my dream in 2019…

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