I am Mr. Duke Amakin, I am a writer, and this my first article in this project. Actually I started my project which is joymalaysia.com since 2013, and it was a website we called it joymalaysia. We was group of three but after one year we become two till now.

As I am Mr. Duke and the other one is the designer of joymalaysia. The story about joymalaysia already published, and today am writing about what I am experienced in my day in Malaysia. As I am living in Kuala Lumpur City so I am going to write first about Kuala Lumpur City.

I did lots of research of how to promote Malaysia, but there are many idea we implemented to the website. But it didn’t work, l keep trying new things, with maintaining the concept of promoting Malaysia. Today I decided to write about what I am doing in Kuala Lumpur.

As we know that people like to find out new things by deferent way possible. The writing should be as a dairy, it will make it more interesting for people to read it. Today I am writing about my searching in the web about Malaysia, but I couldn’t find a specific site that specializes Malaysia only, except one site called onestopmalaysia.com.

It like a directory showing general topics like accommodation, food, arts, health and more of general information, with website address and location addresses, but there are no reviews.

So I will continuing my mission to provide to you information about Kuala Lumpur city and Malaysia, because I think is important to give people information about Malaysia.

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