Today is my first article in 2019, it’s February already, and still don’t know what to write? My mind and my thoughts still processing of what should I write? In the first time from long time not planning for my year. I don’t know how I missed it, the days was running so crazy and here we are in new year. But is never too late, so let’s start.

As long time thinking what should I write as first article in 2019, I decided to write about my plans in I need to focus my thoughts directed to the beauty of Kuala Lumpur City. Because there are lots of things people need to know about the city.

First thing I need to cover it is what information that already exists, I need to provide it and update it. Next I need to provide the most popular information that the traveler need it the most. Last I will criticize anything that effect the tourism industry in Malaysia.

Hope the authority will take some action towards what am writing, to make our Malaysia better. This all that I plan at this year of 2019.

I know that I am so busy but I will try to manage my time to make happen, as you know if you not trying you never know what going to happen, hope it will turn you and me to a good year and huge success.

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