Is already the 3rd of March 2019, the time is running so fast, our last update in the website of was in the 3rd of February, and during all these time we were busy with our own life. As you know the website is our future, but it is not our first priority, because we are finance it by our own money. Our site not generate enough profit to make us focus on it, but still our believes that one day it will be bear the cost.

Today we would like to inform you the guideline of joymalaysia. We are wondering about the information that already exist around the web and How we can add value on it. As you know, Malaysia is already known by the world, so what can Joymalaysia add more? We were thinking a lot to this question, and we found that we need to be focus in specific information.

We did a research about Malaysia, we found there are no specific information about lots of things in Malaysia, for example how to find a plumper, or how to hire a maid, and many things. To do that we have to put a guideline about the information that we will provide it inside the web.

As we in the beginning we will start in Kuala Lumpur City, and the information will be more focused on tourism side, as our mission in Joymalaysia to make Malaysia more known to the world. Also to improving the tourism sector in Malaysia, because we believe that Malaysia need to be improved in tourism.

The guideline which we will provide it here are as the following. First of all the airport and the transports in Kuala Lumpur, the reason is visitors will reach airports first and  very commonly will search for the transport to go to the city.

Next, it will be the place to stay, and what we meant about it is the areas in the city. This include the attractions and the district area of Kuala Lumpur city. Later on, it will be the accommodation starting from the 5 stars hotels to the home stay and the dorms. We will try to provide the best reviews and inspection of these accommodation in the city.

Last but not least, we will go to the where is the best food and the shopping malls, as visitors in Kuala Lumpur you will be wondering what kind of food you can find it at the city, and the best malls that provide best items for sale.

This all about the guideline on Kuala Lumpur, we will provide you more information about Malaysia if we covered all Kuala Lumpur, so be with us and support us to make Malaysia better…

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