Kari Kambing is basically a goat curry. It is delectable dish, loved by Malaysian a lot. There two types of Kari Kambing, first is the Malay version and the second is Mamak version or the Indian Muslim version. The deferent is the coconut milk and the potato, the Malay version add it. The both versions are delicious and you need to try it!  

We will provide you the Malay version ingredients, the reason is the mamak version is you need to extract the coconut milk and potato from the equation. Kari Kambing made with a combination of goat meat cut into chunks, potatoes, tomatoes, curry leaves, ginger, onions, coconut milk, chili peppers, and various other spices such as galangal, turmeric, and lemongrass.  

The dish can be served immediately, but some say that it’s even better the next day when reheated, and this what we recommend it.  

Kari Kambing always served with rice here in Malaysia. It also served for Malaysian big events like wedding and child birth celebration. 

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