Let us make Malaysia better, I was thinking the whole day about doing a campaign for Making Malaysia a better place. With your help we can make it happen. W can make the dream comes true, if you love Malaysia you will join me on this mission.

If love to stay in Malaysia you will join me also, and if you Malaysian you also need to join me. the reason is because Malaysia hold us together. If we success to make Malaysia better it will be our success and we will live better, so are you with me on this?!!!

Talking about making Malaysia better place in one article not enough. But I will take the initiative here and start first to promote the campaign about this with #letusmakemalaysiabetter, I will share it in twitter, Instagram, facebook, my website www.joymalaysia.com and my blog Mr. duke life in Malaysia.

I will share the good things in Malaysia to show that Malaysia better, with your sharing with me what happening with you in Malaysia, we can change Malaysia to better place.

Hope you join on this……

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