Living in Malaysia Is Difficult if you don’t know how to live it. this not make Malaysia the devil, you need search about it. 

For whole week I was thinking about the life in Malaysia, I spend on it almost two decades and I found the living in Malaysia is hard. The reason is the difficulty to find someone to support you, even the close one to you. I don’t know why? Maybe the Malaysian culture refusing to accept the change. 

Writing in Malaysia as blogger not for living, otherwise you are a journalist or columnist in magazine or newspaper. Am not saying writing is not worth it, what am meant is difficult. If you consistent and steady you will be getting something and maybe it will be your way to be financially freedom.

People don’t like to read long articles nowadays, they like to read stories, information and news because it is short. Therefore, my point is living in Malaysia is hard, but not impossible. You need to work hard to reach your dream, and there are many success stories starting from here in Malaysia, and I hope I will write mine soon as a successful blogger and entrepreneur.

You have to work hard to reach your target, don’t bother yourself about what others saying. Do what you believe in, and you will get there soon. Success will come to you as soon as you work hard, this what I learned from life. Hope you also taking the same road to success, and working hard, so happy working hard, and see you soon…..

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