On July 6th Malay Mail reported that the hotel industry suffering crippling losses to the latest MCO 3.0. and 63.13% of workers have been on unpaid leave.  

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has conducted survey on 320 hotels nationwide. Based on the survey, 44.6 per cent of hotels had decided to cut workers’ salaries and 14.06 per cent have retrenched their workforce, while another 34.69 have reduced their benefits. 

According to chief executive officer of MAH Yap Lip Seng that 73.75 per cent of hotels have opted to assign workers other duties while 21.25 per cent have maintained status quo. 

He add also that the hotel and tourism industry is dependent on domestic tourism for at least another year. As the recent recovery economic stimulus package was not sufficient to fulfill the needs of the tourism industry, especially hospitality. 

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