Today is My fourth day after I quit my previous job, as I decided to start a new life as Entrepreneur, and I decide to write about it step by step, as we know now Malaysia is under MCO, and quitting the job in these days is considered a suicide, but for me is a challenge, and I wish and hope to be success in the end.  

I am going to write about my challenge by listing the projects and the steps of my planning in weekly basis. My projects are as the following, my first project is my web site, the second project is my new company which is codesmax solution, the third is cryptocurrency trading, the fourth is the photography, the fifth is social media marketing, and the last is my youtube channel.  

To be success you need to arrange your time to reach it, and this what I am going to do, now I am planning of these projects and next week I will start, and I hope I will be successful inshallah. I will write about the process next week inshallah… see you next week…  

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