I was writing an article but I didn’t publish it, because is not good to be published, the article was about the problems in Malaysia. I think writing about the problems in Malaysia is not suitable right now, we need to show the good face of Malaysia first.

We need to tell the people that Malaysia still good place to live in, as long as I live in Malaysia I felt deferent, Malaysia to me is like living in a modern country, especially when you live in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is beautiful country, it has all the beautiful places like beaches, green forest, and nice hotels, my article today is just general information about Malaysia, but I cannot write it right now, because I am still in my job that not allow to have the full concentration on writing, but I will write it later when I get my attention back.

For now, what am going to tell you about Malaysia and I don’t find a better place than Malaysia to live in, it is very beautiful place to live, you will find everything you need, but you need to know where to find it, because I am creating www.joymalaysia.com to provide all the information about the country, but this year it will be all about the city of Kuala Lumpur.

So let us make Malaysia better, follow in my blog www.mrduke111.wixsite.com/mrdukelife to find more about my thoughts in Malaysia or follow in facebook, twitter, and Instagram, on joymalaysia site, until next article good day…..

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