Everybody in Kuala Lumpur city knows that Roti Canai is one of the ultimate ways for having guarantees breakfast to be both quick and convenient, while assuring maximum deliciousness. 

This is one food that you can’t visit Kuala Lumpur without trying, and one of the best versions I’ve ever had is the one they are serving at Mansion Tea Stall – be sure to try the Roti Canai ‘Special.’ 

Mansion Tea stall makes the roti canai starts to mixed the ingredients, twirling, and stretching out the white dough balls, oiling each one by hand before frying them on a huge counter-top cooking pan. 

Moving the roti to a chopping board and quickly cutting it into strips, the chef then moves all those shreds of smoky and crispy dough to your plate before ladling onto it a double spoonful of liquid curry magic. 

The Roti Canai ‘Special’ here includes a scoop of sambal followed by a pair of perfectly soft-boiled eggs – for the final step, the special comes to breaks open each egg onto the side of your roti and curry mix before bringing your plate to your table. 

Don’t miss this Mansion Tea Stall you need to try it! 

This Article is original from Mark Weins blog (https://migrationology.com/), and for more information about Malaysia join us on JoyMalaysia.com.   

Name: Mansion Tea Stall (also Al Amnah Tea Stall on Google Maps) 
Location: Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (Google Maps
Hours: Open 24 Hours 
Prices: Our total bill (for 4 people) came to 14RM 

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