Masjid jamek is a famous attraction in Kaula Lumpur city. It has an official name but most KL people don’t know about it which is Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad. It was built on 1909 by a British architect Arthur Benison Hubback. 

Masjed Jamek recognized as the oldest Islamic place of worship in Kuala Lumpur. It offers breathtaking photo opportunities for travelers due to the combination of ancient Moorish, Islam and Mughal architectural styles. 

Masjid Jamek is situated, where both rivers the Sungei Klang and the Sungei Gombak meet. Right at this very place has the history of Kuala Lumpur started. It was considered as Kuala Lumpur’s primary mosque until the National Mosque opened in 1965. 

The Masjid is always open for visitors but you have to dress properly otherwise the masjid management will lend you something to allow you in. You need to visit it! 

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