Mee goreng mamak a versatile stir-fry noodle dish from the Maritime Southeast Asia region, initially introduced by the Indian-Muslim community in Malaysia. You can find it at any mamak restaurant, its simple, light and tasty. 

Mee goreng mamak are yellow noodles mixed with Beef or chicken, shrimp, soy sauce, veggies and eggs. Sounds simple, right? Sadly, you can try to replicate this one at home, but it’s just not going to taste the way it did at mamak restaurant.  

Mee goreng mamak is a spicy-savory course that has an irresistible taste. Traditionally, the dish is served alongside calamansi wedges – a citrus hybrid native to the region (can be substituted with lime wedges). Mee goreng mamak is a favorite in Malaysia. 

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