I struggled a writing this article, for whole month I never wrote even a letter. I was busy with my daily work, I traveled a lot this month, and now am very lazy to write. Since week ago I tried to write but no mood at all, but today I was fresh wake up early, preforming my subuh prayer on time. By the way if you are a Muslim subuh prayer is very important for your day to be successful day, return to our topic. Yes I performed my subuh prayer on time, and start to write, the words are pouring in my head and I feel happy to start writing again.

Because of leaving you for one month I need to write something explaining the writing mission of mine starting why am doing this? Why I am doing this blog and joymalaysia website? It will be long article. I know that no one reading my blog or following my website, but I believe there are one day there are someone reading what I am writing.

What I am producing now it going to benefits many people, I believe it deeply inside my heart, one day I will success. I spent a lot in this project since 2013, and now 2018 but I am still going forward never give up. Because you have to know this if you give up all your dreams, all your efforts, all your years and time are wasted, and you never see or feel the success of your life. But for me this year is my year to feel the success and it will deferent because I believe that I am going to success.

Today is 29th April 2018, there is one day lift to end the first third of this year, and my project still on, the process is slow, because the delay in this month, but now we starting again, and we start strong, first of all I want to tell you the reason of starting joymalaysia.com, we need it to become a hub for all people to find information about Malaysia.

when I start it I forgot this vision we start it differently, we begin to find traffic and easy works, and totally forgetting the main reason. But this year we will focus on that and I hope I will succeed. This year it will be about Kuala Lumpur city first, if we has the money and the income there are will be more.

JoyMalaysia.com is a website sharing to the world information about Malaysia. All the information for visitors to know Malaysia better, maybe some of the information you can find it similar to other websites. Because there are many people writing about Malaysia as travelers, bloggers, and tourist agencies.

We are deferent, there are will be specific information about Malaysia and you can find it only in joymalaysia.com, the update will be daily, starting this year 2021, it will be three posts daily, the reviews will be weekly until further notice.

This all because I feel bored and I am afraid you will feel bored also so this all until next article keep InTouch, see you soon….

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