Nasi Dagang is one of famous dish in Malaysia, it is delicious and very hard to find in Kuala Lumpur city. The dish is a well-known breakfast food in the states on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and to be more specific are in Terengganu and Kelantan. 

Nasi Dagang mean in English is Trader’s Rice, but it better to call it Nasi Dagang. It made from a mixture of rice and glutinous rice, steamed twice in coconut milk to get the right texture and eaten with a red tuna fish curry accompanied by pickled cucumber and carrot “acar” or relish. 

The best Place you can find Nasi Dagang is in Terangganu, the best place is in a village called Atas Tol. Besides their amazing plates of Nasi Dagang. We will be there to write our review on it, but after Malaysia release the lockdown.  

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