Nasi Kerabu is simply a herb rice. It can be traced to a similar rice dish popular in southern Thailand known as khao jam or khao yum. Khao jam differs from nasi kerabu in the condiments, flavoring and color of the rice. 

Nasi Kerabu is a Kelantanese preference. The word “kerabu” is a common Malay reference for Thai-style salads usually eaten raw. It is a complex dish involving various components: the rice, herb salad, a coconut and fish relish, a spicy sambal sauce or two and various condiments. 

It can add salted duck egg, keropok ikan (fish cracker), solok lada (stuffed green chili) and fried fish or chicken to make more joyful and tastier.  

All the elements are made separately and assembled on a plate for serving. The finely shredded ingredients and dressings are tossed together with the rice and enjoyed with the various accompaniments. 

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