Negeri Sembilan State Darul Khusus is Malaysian state located in west Malaysia. The name of this state believed taken from the word of nine (Sembilan) villages or negeri.

This State is Monarchy but the ruler called Yang di-Pertuan Besar instead of Sultan. The state has very unique election rule which be selected from the council Undangs, who lead the four biggest territories of Sungai Ujong, Jelebu, Johol, and Rembau. Making it one of the more democratic monarchies in whole Malaysia.

Pahang Capital City: Seremban

Royal Capital: Seri Menanti

Total Area: 6,686 km2 (2,581 sq mi)

Population: 1,098,500 estimated 2015

Car Plate: N

Phone code area: 06

Abbreviation: NSN

Region: peninsula of Malaysia

Head of the state: Yamtuan Besar (Yang di-Pertuan Besar)


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