Don’t say we are in MCO and we can’t move the business to anywhere, do you know the online businesses in Malaysia is raising? According to JP Morgan site the online businesses in Malaysia as E-Commerce increases 39% in 2019. 

Last year after the MCO on March the online trading activity increased by 28.9 percent, according to news reports. between March 1 and Oct 31 2020, a total of 373,213 entities registered their businesses with the Companies Commission of Malaysia under the online category. 

In 2019, SMEs contributed to 38.9 percent of the GDP and 66 percent of the nation’s employment according to Bernama, If there are more SMEs switch to doing business online, they will be able to increase their contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). 

Meanwhile, Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Operators Association president Datuk Jawahar Ali told Bernama, the growth of online businesses this year is expected to boost GDP growth, which will keep Malaysia’s economy on track to grow by 6.5 percent to 7.5 percent as projected under Budget 2021. (Note here the original source from Malaysian Reserve

So, start now and be your own boss, and don’t give excuses, just do it! 

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