Malaysia not allowed passengers from 23 countries to control the spreadation of Covid-19 virus. The Malaysian government take these actions to prevent the virus transmitting. The countries as the following: 

  1. Argentina 
  1. Bangladesh 
  1. Brazil 
  1. Chile 
  1. Colombia 
  1. France 
  1. German  
  1. India  
  1. Indonesia  
  1. Iran  
  1. Iraq  
  1. Italy  
  1. Mexico  
  1. Pakistan  
  1. Peru  
  1. Philippines  
  1. Russia  
  1. South Africa  
  1. Saudi Arabia  
  1. Spain  
  1. Turkey  
  1. United Kingdom  
  1. United States. 

Some of these countries are allowed with entry approval obtained through My travel Pass (MTP) may be allowed from to enter Malaysia but subject to a 14-day quarantine. 

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