Piu Piu Piu is a casual and intimate café-bar inspired by the “standing bars” commonly found in Japan. It is located on the first floor of The Zhongshan Building and the intimate space is filled with wooden décor and little Knick knacks nonchalantly scattered around. 

The story of the name is the owner named it as a childlike way of making finger-gun sounds. The café is founded in 2017 by Unagi, Piu Piu Piu is a way of paying homage to the izakaya and speakeasy cultures of Japan, while contributing to a burgeoning independent cafe renaissance that values your coffee-drinking experience as much as the coffee itself. 

Crowd-favorite Sour Lemon + is preserved lemons in a concoction of soda and shochu; sweet, sour and bitter all at once (there’s also a non-alcoholic version). 

Address: 80B, 2nd floor, The Zhongshan Building, Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur 

Note, Pui Pui Pui café is serving alcoholic dishes. And it closed on Monday  

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Note, All images in this article credit @ piupiupiu.kl 

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