Raiz is an Australian investment platform that began its operations in 2016. It was in 2020 when Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) partnered with them and introduced the Malaysian market to the micro-investing mobile app. 

You can open a Raiz account with a minimum of RM5! The best thing about Raiz is they help you automatically invest small amounts. This is done by taking every purchase you have using your Maybank debit card and rounding it up to the nearest Ringgit. 

This spare change of yours is then easily invested into a unit trust portfolio that’s regularly observed by Raiz. Now, here are the three main ways you can deposit funds into your investment accounts: roundups, lump sum, investments. 

For round-ups, what they do is round up every transaction you have to the nearest Ringgit then invest your change into a diversified portfolio. 

Keep in mind you can deposit and withdraw anytime you want with Raiz as long as you’re connected to the Internet which makes roundups easier. 

All investment is under ASNB, they will the management company that buys, sells, and manages all your assets to the best of its ability. 

Your investment portfolio will consist of unit trust funds that include asset classes like bonds, shares, cash, and securities. 

Raiz offers three types of investment portfolios: conservative, moderate, and aggressive. The type of risk profile you get will be determined by your answers during the signup process. 

This platform is not charging fees on RM0 balances, for withdrawals, and deposits. However, if your account balance is under RM6,000 they do charge RM1.50 a month. If your balance is RM6,000 and over, you will be charged 0.30% per year. 

These charges are pretty steep for the average person when you start computing it so we recommend weighing the costs and benefits for you when it comes to this. 

As our review we can is an awesome opportunity by transferring you spend to an investment, and if you want to join check this link below: 

Raiz Link 

For more information about Malaysia join us on JoyMalaysia.com, or join us on social media.  

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