Malaysia is a Muslim country as it mentioned at their constitution at Article 3. The constitution states that “Islam is the religion of the Federation, but other religions can also be practiced safely and peacefully in any part of the Federation”.  

As we know Malaysia is a cultural fusion with various festivals being celebrated throughout the year. For example, Aidilfitri, Aidiladha, Chinese New Year, the mid-autumn festival (also known as Mooncake Festival); Deepavali and Christmas. 

The constitution state also the Freedom of Religion on the other hand says “Every person is entitled to profess and practice his own religion and subject to Clause (4), develop their own religion”. This means that even if Malaysia has declared Islam as the official religion, the Malaysian population which consists of various ancestry and beliefs, are free to practice their respective faith as in Article 11.  

Hence, Malaysia has a Muslim Mosque, a Hindu shrine, a Christian church and a Buddhist temple in the same neighborhood. When you enter KL, you’ll notice the city’s colorful vibe – a result of the diversity of its people.  

This is the unity and tolerance between the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people that makes KL beautiful and highly adored by travelers. 

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