As we know Lazada is one of the largest online shopping site in Malaysia, most of the Malaysian like to buy from it, it is easy and cheap, but I faced bad experience from it, and I would like to share it with you all, hope you will be considering this view, and be aware of it.

My experience was before couple of weeks from the Lunar Chinese New Year, I was ordering a Herb coffee, I never face this experience before, I was a loyal costumer to Lazada, but the problem occurred now, and it make mad and sad, my problem was with the delivery, when I ordered the product they mentioned in the site it will delivered after four working days, and at the last due date of the delivery I called them, they said the product will arrived to you as soon as possible, the costumer care was polite and understandable but doesn’t has the power to do anything, he just report to you where is your product and when it will arrived to you, the delivery was arrived after one week later from the Chinese New year.

My other point on Lazada is the policy of Lazada not allowing the costumer to collect dirctly from store, I called the store to collect the product, they informed me that Lazada not allowing the costumer to collect directly from the store if they used Lazada platform otherwise they will not get their payment, but the store don’t mind if I collect the product from them, then I called Lazada to get the permission from them but the costumer care discussed with me and I have to follow they policy, I respect their policy but there are sometimes exceptional, in my case I need the product urgently as also they mentioned on the site the due date which are suitable to mine, and also the costumer always right.

My advice to you do not trust Lazada for the due date specialy during the Chinese New year…..

By Mr. Duke

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