Chicken Tandoori is very famous dish in Malaysia, you can find it everywhere at the Indian cuisine, specially if you leaving in Kuala Lumpur City, we bring it here to review it to you, as we searched at the internet, there are lots of topics that related to the chicken tandoori, but there no reviews been added to the web, maybe there are somewhere which we couldn’t find it, the important that we here in JoyMalaysia will bring it to the table.

Where You Can Find It?

Here in Kuala Lumpur City there are many indian cuisine and Mamak restaurants surround the city which you can find your dish.

What it Look Like?

The chicken tandoori is a quarter chicken marinated in yogurt and indian spices, and it will grilled at the cylindrical clay oven, when it served it look like a red delicious chicken served with slice of onion, cucumber and lime with mint souse, and most of the Malaysian like with Naan bread as delightful combination.

The Price

The normal price at the mamak restaurants is RM 6 – RM10 but at the center of the city is RM10 – RM15

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