I wake this morning early little bit, it was very good morning, and we are who lives in Kuala Lumpur rarely to have this wither, it was breezing with cold wind I was very enjoying, I prayed fajer and get dressed to ready to go to work, after that I went to my balcony and have a cup of coffee to enjoy it with the wither till the sun rise up. I was thinking about this wither and deciding to write about it today and share it with you this feeling maybe you will note about it in your calendar if you are planning to visit Malaysia and enjoy this time of the year.

I know writing about this will get this blog so personal, and who am I to write about this? The readers not going to be interested in it otherwise they know me and very interesting to know about what am doing, but my point to write about this just to release my thought and tell you about the joyful wither.

The wither very nice that will make you very happy and felt joyful, I was so enthusiasm when I felt it, and was think to take a vacation to enjoy it and around KL, but I end it by going to work, thank Allah the wither still nice till I get back home, I still enjoy it hope you enjoy it also if you here in the beautiful city Kuala Lumpur. This wither we enjoy it during September 2017, I don’t know this wither will in September next year but I write about it next year and tell you about it.

This all for today I am going to enjoy the wither, so see you soon………….

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