Its two day ago since I wrote my last article, I was searching for the right topic to write about, and today I found it! As you know Malaysia has three ethnics group living together in harmony, the main one is the Malays and it covered 50% of the Malaysian population, the Chinese the second ethnic group that covered 24-28% (there are lots of numbers and percentage of the Chinese ethnic in Malaysia you can check one of them here), and the Indians and there considered the smallest ethnic group in Malaysia which covered between 7-10%. And today I am going to focused about the Chinese first, what we should know about them?

I been in Malaysia almost two decades, I was seeing the Chinese around me every day, they are hardworking group, they talking about money all the times, they control the economy in Malaysia, most of the wholesaling products in Malaysia under their control, they love their ethnic and always trying to protect them, they helping each other in return to become stronger, they are selfish, they hate dying, money the most important things in their life, they ready to give up anything for money (this among the poor and middle class people, the rich people they high educated and their life style is different), and last but not least they dislike the Malays (this all just my own opinion maybe am wrong, but this what am sense it during my staying in Malaysia, and also not all of them but the majority).

My last word on this topic is the best things you can deal with Chinese is business, because they know how to do it, this all for this topic, as I promised am not going to make long and I hope you know something about the Ethnic group in Malaysia specially the Chinese, waiting for me next Indian Ethnic group and the Malays, so wait for me, if there any confusion please don’t hastate to share with me on the comment, see you soon…….

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