This is the first time to introduce to you a food truck in Kuala Lumpur city, the main reason for writing Rojak Dan Cendol Din is because it is popular among Malaysians and you deserve to know about it too!   

If you are living in Malaysia, maybe you know TV3, it has a food program called “Jalan – Jalan cari Makan”. It is a local program hunting for the best food in the country. It has been mentioned about it in their website. Click here  

Rojak and Cendol are Malaysian dishes. Rojak basically is a refreshing salad of fresh fruit and vegetables, topped with a slightly spicy palm sugar and nuts sauce. On the other hand Cendol (Chendol) is icy bowls of green rice-flour jelly mixed in coconut milk with brown sugar syrup, red beans, and jackfruit or durian.  

Rojak Dan Cendol Din Food Truck is serving Rojak, Chendol and many things. It is one of the best dishes in Kuala Lumpur city.  

The truck is situated along a dusty side road opposite a Shell petrol station. Diners have the option to sit on scattered makeshift tables and plastic chairs (recommended, not only for the atmosphere but also so your chendol doesn’t melt) or have the food packed to go.  

As the program in TV3 Jalan Jalan chari Makan said it is the best place, and you need to visit!  

Note, Rojak Dan Cendol Din Food truck is halal food truck and the owner is Muslim.  

Address: In front of the Petronas Petrol Kiosk, Lot 29395 & 29396, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur / Google Map   

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Cendol n Rojak Din, depan Petronas TTDI 



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