Roti John is simply an omelets sandwich. The history of roti John came from Singapore during the 60s but who made it is a Malay guy. It was an Englishman asked for a hamburger to a hawker in Sembawang, in Singapore. Having no hamburger to offer, the hawker had the ingenious idea to fry minced mutton and onions with eggs into a loaf. 

Roti John is made using a local bread loaf similar to the French baguette, but shorter in length and with rounded ends and a softer texture. The good roti john is crispy on the outside, while the meat and egg mixture remain soft and the onions crunchy. 

Roti John is very popular in the night market and bazaar Ramadhan. But if you feel that you need one you have to search on sideroad stall.  

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