San Francisco coffee is a coffee shop in Malaysia and originates from Malaysia. Most people in Malaysia don’t know that this brand is actually a Malaysian brand.   

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It started in 1997 with a simple, noble mission: serving coffee lovers the freshest, best cup in town. After two decades they expanded to 48 outlets around Malaysia. (source)   

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They aim to delight all five senses with lively surroundings, smooth music, and aromatic, delicious brews. As their rule is 1 rule which is an unbreakable rule to preserve the coffee’s taste and freshness. they never use beans more than 1 month from roasting; 1 week from the bag being opened; and 1 day from being ground.  

Image credit @ sfcoffee 

Note, San Francisco coffee is a Halal Coffee shop.  

Address: as there are many outlets check here what is nearer to you  

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