Sausage KL Café & Dali is an excellent choice for English breakfast. This café is not popular for Malay and Muslim community because most dishes in this café is serving pork’s meat and made them a non-Halal café.  

This is not stopping us to write about it. There are many friends deserve to know about Sausage KL Cafe & Deli and they are serving a fantastic food & great value creation.  

Sausage KL Café & Deli is ranked the top on the list of 10 café around KL. We providing three reviews from their website as below: 

Review from @mostarsko “Great value, quiet (I went on a weekday morning during the pandemic). Friendly and helpful service. Best full breakfast I’ve had in Malaysia. Generous portion. The sausage was perfect, bread, pancakes really fluffy – all homemade, no preservatives and chemicals. Definitely a place to return to.” 

Review from @mapipem “If you’re longing for an English-style fry-up, this is your place. Had a great breakfast here, the best sausages I’ve found in Malaysia, tattie scones, fresh orange juice and coffee. The cafe is nothing fancy, but it’s run by lovely people. While you’re there, pick up some goodies to take home.” 

Review from @WendallKL “You have no idea how happy the sausages made us. We’ve lived in KL for 9 years now and had given up on finding great British sausages, eating these is a revelation. They are absolutely delicious. Thoroughly recommended. Great people, great sausages.” 

I think with this reviews no words can be add….  

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