Its long time since I thought about this, I was here in Malaysia more than a decade and never thought to write about my purpose of writing until yesterday, and I was thinking what should I write? Is it important? Is it something I need to do? Or just something I need to tell about? These questions was surrounding my thoughts, then I decided to write it down, and this what am doing now.

Why I am writing? And what am I writing about? I am writing about my life in Malaysia, and why I am writing about it because I need to share information to people, am not going to lie about, and to generate some income. I thought also this kind of experiment I need to share it with you all. Maybe it going to success or going to fail, I am not going to regret it, and never going to stop me from what should I do next, it just new start for me, and  I am starting now.

As I telling you am going to make it short as usual to giving you the space to read it. I need the support from you to make this going further. Now you can find my articles at My last word here is about my writing, it will be about Malaysia. I will something you will going to benefit from, something about the life that I experienced it in Malaysia and you can comment and learn from my mistakes or from my success, this all.

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