I wrote in my previous article in my column about Malaysia and my projects 2021, but I wasn’t mentioned affiliate marketing because it considers as sub-project under joymalaysia.com and social media marketing.  

Today I learned about Affiliate marketing and I realized that affiliate marketing should be individual project, the reason in my upon of view is the amount of profit that you can get through affiliate marketing if you focus on it only.  

Do you know how much you can gain from affiliate marketing per month? You can reach to 100K USD per month and maybe more, so if you living in Malaysia and you get only 20% from the 100K, you will get RM 80K per month, for me is more than enough, so what you waiting for start doing it now!  

In Malaysia I didn’t see people showing their income from affiliate marketing or couldn’t find them yet, but on other hand I am going to show you is it possible or not? As am working on it now, actually I found it not easy and it needs a lot of hard working and hope to be success on it.  

This all for today and wait for my next article… check me here  

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