Taxis are a common mode of transportation around the city as they are often more versatile than trains. The present fleet of taxis in KL are commonly seen in red or blue. You can identify a taxi via its number plate that starts with the letter ‘H’.  

All taxis in the KL city are required to be metered, so the chances of haggling are fairly remote. Passengers should be wary when taxi drivers demand a “fixed fee”, and insist on using the meter. Otherwise, walk away and flag down another taxi.  

Due to traffic jams during peak periods, a taxi ride could take longer than anticipated. 

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Premium Taxi 

These taxis are also called executive taxis and are colored in bright blue. There’s an initial charge of RM6 for the… 

Budget Taxi 

Budget taxis are identified with their red and white coolers. There’s an initial charge of RM3 for the first km… 

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