Most Malaysian love teh tarik a lot, and it is actually delicious. It is a fantastic drink when you hang out at Mamak restaurant or having breakfast in the morning with Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak or any dish at Mamak restaurant, it will be perfect.  

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Teh tarik is basically a pulled tea Milk. But pulling the teh tarik has skills to prepare it. The preparation of teh tarik is fun as it is made by transferring it from one mug into another lifting it as high as possible. The art of preparation of this delightful tea has became so popular. 

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The art of transferring the cup of tea is definitely fun and some swore that it actually makes the tea tastes better as it creates a layer of frothiness at the top making it lips-smacking good. That is what teh tarik is all about.  

The best choice is to use the ‘Boh Teh Tarik’ tea leaves. If you are unable to get hold of them, try Boh or Lipton tea leaves which are sold in sachets or as loose tea leaves. That would do just as well. 

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Ensure that the tea leaves are steeped long enough so that you would be able to savor the tantalizing taste of the tea infused with the sweetness of the condensed milk coupled with its rich aroma as you take each sip. 

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