Tenmasa Tempura Bar is an exclusive bar that appreciates the art and taste of tempura. It is a Japanese cuisine which always serves healthy eating and fresh ingredients.   

Image credit @ tenmasa.kl 

At Tenmasa the tempura is considered steamed rather than deep-fried. Encased within the thin layer of brittle batter could be a selection of ingredients such as anago (saltwater eel), pumpkin and sweet potato.  

You should definitely stop over Tenmasa if you are looking for a more elevated Japanese cuisine experience. Malaysia’s first-ever tempura bar!  

Note, Tenmasa Tempura Bar is an unknown about its status of Halal or non-Halal. Click here for a pork free Japanese cuisine’s alternative. 

Image credit @ tenmasa.kl 

Address: Level 2, Tower 1, Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur  

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