The story of Taxes Chicken start in San Antonio, Texas, United State of America on April 17, 1952. In the State of America, they call it Church’s Chicken which founded by George W. Church Sr.  

Taxes Chicken in Malaysia started in 2013. The Franchise Agreement was between Envictus group and US-based Cajun Global LLC for exclusive rights to develop and operate Texas Chicken restaurants in Malaysia for 10 years.  

Taxes Chicken is serving American-styled, big juicy full-flavored fried chicken, French fries, honey butter biscuits, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, burgers and sundae, to name a few dishes.  

The popularity among the Malaysian is raising, their fried chicken is irresistible. Once you have a bite of their chicken your eyes will large and saying wow, this is how it delicious. You need to try it.  

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